Allergy Treatment

Allergy Treatment in Singapore

Allergy Treatment in Singapore

It is often much easier to cope with allergies and proceed with the allergy treatment in Singapore once you have identified the trigger. There are times, however, when allergies become an unavoidable, permanent part of our lives and a longer-term management plan becomes reality.

In managing allergies, some medications, such as antihistamines, decongestions, and corticosteroids, may be useful to alleviate allergic symptoms. Besides medication, you may also consider Allergy Immunotherapy.

Allergy Immunotherapy is a preventive treatment for certain types of allergies. It is administered by introducing an increasing dose of allergic substances into your body via oral, sublingual, or injection shots, subtly allowing your body to become acclimatised and desensitised towards the allergen. As a result, your bodily reactions to those allergens become more subdued.

Allergen Immunotherapy has been proven particularly effective against dust mites, animal allergens (namely dogs and cats), and dust mites.

At the Allergy & Sinus ENT Specialist Clinic, we have the complete range of treatment options available to treat nose and food allergies in children and adults. These options range from identification of allergens, avoidance, medical as well as surgical treatment, and various form of allergen immunotherapy to give you the best chance to deal with this problems.

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